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      "Hence, sir! away, unworthy son of the church! away for the presentwe shall soon find a means of bending your stubborn heart!""I'm going to fetch a parson," said Pete.

      "Of course you did. II gave myself away. I pleaded with you."He had written the cheque and passed it over to her. She took no notice whatever of it, tied the string round her parcel and put it on the table in the window. Then, still without a word, she took up her pencil and her writing-pad, and sat down to receive his dictation.

      "Yes," replied Holgrave, in a voice which told that the abrupt questions had called up all the painful events of that night"yes, I remember well, I said that if any of those who helped me then ever wanted a friend, they were not to forget Stephen Holgrave."

      "He's a nice lad, ain't he?"

      Sobs were still thick in Rose's throat, when they came to Handshut's cottage, a little tumble-down place, shaped like a rabbit's head. She stopped.


      Chapter 2


      You will do the typewriting in that small room off this. You have a machine of your own?